10 Times Bodyguards Protected Idols From Dangerous Situations

To get to these idols, you’ll have to go through their bodyguards first.

1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s attempted kidnapping

Over the years, Taeyeon has been in a number of dangerous scenarios that made the star fear for her safety.


In 2011, a man barged onto the stage and proceeded to grab Taeyeon. He attempted to drag her away with him.


Thankfully, the show’s MC, Oh Jung Tae, and Taeyeon’s fellow member, Sunny, were quick to intervene.


These unofficial bodyguards stopped the man just long enough for the security team to take action.


As a result, Taeyeon was shaken but unharmed.


Unfortunately, this was not the only time Taeyeon found herself in harm’s way. In 2017, sasaeng fans inappropriately grabbed Taeyeon at an Indonesian airport.

[★BREAKING] Taeyeon Sexually Molested At Airport


As soon as she arrived in Jakarta for the 2018 Asian Games Countdown, aggressive fans began to mob her. Taeyeon was grabbed, groped…


…and pushed to the ground.


To prevent future incidents from happening, SM Entertainment increased Girls’ Generation’s security detail. These days, Taeyeon has some of the toughest (and most handsome) bodyguards around.

The Internet Is Falling In Love With Taeyeon’s Sexy Male Bodyguard


Bodyguard Han Ji Min was assigned to Taeyeon during her solo PERSONA tour. She looks much more comfortable knowing he’s around to protect her.


Han Ji Min safely escorted her through this airport by clearing a path and using his body to shield her from any fans who might get too close.


2. Red Velvet Irene’s bodyguard squad

After Taeyeon’s Jakarta airport incident, SM Entertainment heightened security for their other artists as well, including Irene.

She was spotted at Incheon International Airport, on her way to Indonesia, with no less than six hulking bodyguards.


With an entourage like this, saesang fans aren’t likely to try anything inappropriate.


3. WINNER’s human wall

In an effort to combat fan crowding, WINNER’s bodyguards used this innovative method to give the stars as much room as possible.


This inner-circle technique prevents overzealous fans from getting too close, and is one of the most effective ways to keep all the members together.


4. Jessica’s gentlemanly bodyguard

Many Korean fans have fallen for this former Girls’ Generation star’s bodyguard, who was with her at her 10th-anniversary fan meeting.


He went the extra mile by protecting her dignity in addition to protecting her body. Her bodyguard took his jacket off to cover Jessica as she was going up an escalator wearing a short skirt.

There will be no wardrobe malfunctions so long as this well-mannered bodyguard is around!


5. MAMAMOO Hwasa’s umbrella shield

Like Jessica’s bodyguard, Hwasa‘s bodyguard has made it his mission to protect his star in every way, shape, and form.


When Hwasa’s manager escorted Hwasa back from a concert, her bodyguard was already by the stairs waiting for her with an umbrella.


While Hwasa’s manager covered her from the rain, her bodyguard used his umbrella to cover up Hwasa’s high waisted shorts from cameras and prying eyes.


6. Tiny IU’s giant protector

IU and her bodyguard, Mr. Park, have a loveable friendship that fans have fallen in love with over the last seven years.


Mr. Park has been keeping IU safe since 2011, and is never far from her side.

One of the perks of being a bodyguard must be getting front row seats to every concert.


He is always on the lookout for possible threats…


…and assists IU in any way she needs.


He has protected his star from overly excited crowds…


…and even the sun!


It seem like, as long as Mr. Park is around, IU has nothing to worry about!


BONUS: A.R.M.Y’s purple ribbon barriers

BTS fans have taken it upon themselves to keep BTS safe the“Purple Ribbon Project”. They use purple purple ribbons to prevent the members from getting trampled on while traveling through airports.

A.R.M.Y Praised For Protecting BTS At Airports By Creating “Purple Ribbon” Barriers


The “Purple Ribbon Project” is still relatively new, but BTS fans have been creating similar barriers for some time now. In 2017, Mexican A.R.M.Ys showed the world what it means to be a fan as they took it upon themselves to create their own human barricades for BTS.


Fellow BTS fans were quick to commend the Mexican A.R.M.Ys for helping BTS stay safe.