10+ Times BTS Danced With Girls And Made All The Fangirls Jealous

Try not to feel jealous.

BTS usually doesn’t include female performers in their choreographies, but there have been a few notable exceptions on and off the stage!



BTS joined GFRIENDTWICE, and Super Junior‘s Leeteuk on stage to perform a massive group cover of Super Junior’s smash hit “Sorry Sorry”.


2. Jimin and Seulgi (Red Velvet)

In 2016, Jimin and Seulgi joined a star-studded dance crew for SBS‘s annual Gayo Daejun, one of the biggest music festivals of the year. These two stars meshed well together and blew fans away with their “In the Name of Love” performance.


3. BTS and Orange Caramel

These two groups have been caught covering each other’s choreographies in the past, but they’ve also danced together in person a few times too. While co-MCing a music show, BTS and their Orange Caramel gal pals had a great time jamming out together.


4. RM, Jungkook, and Raina (Orange Caramel)

Backstage at a music show, Raina busted out a few “Boy in Luv” dance moves for fun. RM can be seen joining in with her in the background, followed by Jungkook. The Golden Maknae matched Raina step for step, but became flustered when she turned around!


5. BTS and Los Angeles actresses

BTS probably wishes ARMY would erase the LA “Boy in Luv” music video from their memory, but that rookie-era MV too legendary to forget. In it, the BTS members dance with the American actresses they scouted out on the streets of Los Angeles.

If you look closely you can see the soul of BTS’s “international playboy” leaving his body!


6. J-Hope and Kazane Kasai

J-Hope‘s at-home dance practice with Japanese choreographer Kazane Kasai had some fans hoping for a collab! These two have similar dance styles and perfectly matched each other’s energy.


7. Suga and the elevator prank actress

Okay, so Suga isn’t really dancing with this actress; he’s dancing at her! BTS was told to show off their charms while riding in an elevator, not knowing that an actress would interrupt them as part of a hidden camera prank. When the actress walked in on Suga, he didn’t get embarrassed. He just kept grooving!


8. J-Hope and V with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and Wheein

These four fun-loving MCs had a blast dancing together on Inkigayo behind the scenes…

…and on stage too!


9. J-Hope and Ryujin

When fans think “BTS + girls”, BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel often comes to mind; this music video paired BTS with actresses as part of its storyline. JYP Entertainment trainee Ryujin played J-Hope’s “girlfriend”. This talented pair danced together in a dance studio during one of their scenes.


10. BTS and Jessi

BTS had a dance-off with rapper Jessi and her crew in this SK Telecom commercial. The battle ended with Jessi and BTS dancing together.


11. Jimin, J-Hope, and Japanese students

Jimin and J-Hope made a lot of dreams come true when they joined these Japanese high school girls for a “DNA” dance cover.