10+ Times BTS’s “Friends” Jimin And V Didn’t Give A Single F*ck About Personal Space

True soulmates, for eternity.

As the 15th track on BTS‘s brand new Map of the Soul: 7 album, “Friends” is making ARMYs swoon at the most beautiful friendship between Jimin and V, the “95z”. Even before the track dropped, ARMYs knew there’s something special about the relationship between Jimin and V — or #vmin — and that it’s a connection that is indescribable in words. With the song, it has become even more evident that these two are undeniably soulmates. And as the brotherhood really strengthened over the “seven summers and winters”, Jimin and V have come to be fearless in the public display of their affection. Here are 10+ GIFs of Jimin and V all up in each other’s business, without giving a single f*ck about personal space. Because when the love is strong, what need is personal space?

1. Friendship Is Always Being Down To Snuggle

2. A Dear Friend And Excellent Leg Rest

3. Forehead Boops Are Signs Of BBF-Ship

4. Oh Look, Just Look At This Nose

5. Into His Heart, Literally

6. That Is Not A Balenciaga Blanket

7. V + Jimin = Vmin, Visually Explained

8. It’s A Deal: 1 Butt Pat For 1 Chin Tickle

9. Aw, They Look So Cute Together!

10. Jimin With That “Yes, Hi. This Knee Belongs To Me” Vibe

11. Claiming What Is His

12. Real Quality Time Between Brothers

13. What Goes Around…

14. … Comes Around

Source: THEQOO (1) and (2)