10+ Times BTS’s J-Hope Blessed Fans With His Exposed Forehead

It’s his superior look.

BTS’s J-Hope very rarely dons hairstyles that expose his forehead, a true shame for ARMYs who recognize that this is one of his most superior looks.

In honor of this fact, below are 10+ photos of J-Hope’s “exposed forehead” look that fans have been blessed with so far.

1. The OG wind-swept hair


2. The fashionably dapper style


3. The soft and sultry look


4. The cute pink and brown colors


5. The ‘fresh-out-of-the-shower’ selca


6. The ‘eyes only accentuate the hair’ photo


7. The all-natural resting attire


8. The charismatic concert performance


9. The boy-next-door aura


10. The pre-concert practice hair


11. The cute beanie (but cuter wearer) photo


12. And finally, the latest exposed-forehead look in BANGTANTV


Source: Insight