10+ Times BTS’s RM Rocked Black Outfits That Radiated “Rich CEO” Vibes For His Airport Fashion

#5 is such a casual yet sexy look for RM.

ARMYs are aware of the fact that BTS‘s RM is hardworking, extremely intelligent and incredibly talented.

After all, he wouldn’t be BTS’s successful leader is he wasn’t, right?

His traits are perfect for being a CEO of a company, don’t you think?

This makes you wonder…if RM has the qualities of an ideal CEO, do you think he also has what it takes to look like one?

Frankly, looking at his pictures where he’s wearing black outfits for his airport fashion, you’d say that he really does have what it takes.

Check out these 10+ pictures of RM and find out if he’s really radiating “rich CEO” vibes in them, okay?

1. Newcomer CEO who’s been tasked to inherit a rich company

2. He’s finally gained the board’s approval to lead the company to success

3. This is CEO RM just arriving from a business trip…

4. …and also from a leisure trip, since rest is also part of his formula for greatness!

5. It’s “Casual Friday” at work, so the CEO decided to come to the office wearing this outfit

6. Then, the seasons changed and it’s autumn, so here’s his #OOTD

7. Because he’s been swamped with work, CEO RM decided to go for a casual yet stylish look at the airport

8. He also packed this handy blazer which allows him to still pull off a fashionably formal outfit

9. He hurriedly returned to Korea to give the good news: they’ve secured the deal!

10. In celebration, he decided to treat his staff to a trip abroad…

11. …before coming back to work with a refreshed and renewed energy to handle meetings and conferences to discuss the future of his company.