10+ Times BTS’s RM Went Viral For The Most Iconic Reasons

He doesn’t even have to try.

BTS‘s massive popularity is pretty much undebatable and untouchable today. Their effortless charms can quickly get strangers floored, whether on-stage or off-stage.

When it comes to RM, there is a lot on the plate to process at once. His dominating stage presence, genius musicality, and hard-to-ignore physique are enough reasons to turn people’s heads even outside of the fandom.

Here are eight times he went viral on social media, and for the most majestic reasons:

1. For getting confused on stage:

This is a sitcom-worthy scene right there.

2. For walking:

Legend says all models heaved a sigh of relief when RM signed up to be an idol instead.

3. For proving he is a real-life angel:

The rainbow shield, the pouring rain, the spotlight— this is a scene straight out of a Disney movie.

4. For showing the world how to fanboy the right way:

He loves Tiger JK, and he made sure the world understood that clearly.

5. For standing and scrolling on his phone:

What’s the color of the curtain behind him, quickly?

6. For screaming:

King of vocalization!

7. For putting Covid back in its place:

Precise, to the point, path-breaking. It changed lives.

8. For telling people to go back to studying while doing body rolls:

How are people supposed to study with such a loopable video on hand?

9. For bodying a diamond choker better than models:

Everybody remembers where they were when this clip dropped.

10. For his speech at UNICEF:

The day RM proved he is among the most eloquent, thoughtful, and eligible leaders to exist.

11. For performing at the W Korea event:

Just when fans were getting emotional over Jin’s debut solo stage performance with Coldplay, he took matters into his hands and delivered this tear-stopper.


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