10 Times BTS’s J-Hope’s Outfits Took Fashion To The Next Level

He isn’t afraid to show off his trend-setting wardrobe.

BTS’s J-Hope constantly captures everyone’s attention with his fearless and experimental fashion choices.


1. The Fun, Baggy And Colorful Look

He looks extremely hip with a dark beanie, black & white sunglasses, baggy clothes, BALENCIAGA sneakers and his clear A-COLD-WALL bag.


2. The Hip And Modern ‘Matrix’ Look

Hoseok greeted the press while sporting an all-black outfit. With Chanel Vintage shades, a BALENCIAGA T-shirt, a DIESEL denim waistcoat and futuristic LOUIS VUITTON sneakers and a $990 VETEMENTS leather belt he never looked cooler.


3. The Casual But Matching Look

Even when he’s not going to the airport or to an event, J-Hope always makes sure to dress stylish. He complemented his red checkered jeans with a pair of red BALENCIAGA TRIPLE S sneakers.


4. The Simple And Sharp Look

Wearing shorts with white socks and dark sneakers doesn’t sound like a good combination, but, of course, J-Hope pulled it off effortlessly and also raised the look with a pair of round shades.


5. The Go Extra Or Go Home Look

Wearing one of his most eccentric looks till date, J-Hope made head turns at the airport with an outfit that consisted in A-COLD-WALL* dyed baggy pants, a STUSSY headband, SUPREME x LOUIS VUITTON black and white sunglasses, a BALENCIAGA denim shirt and blue PUMA Fenty sneakers he crowned himself as the True Fashionista of BTS in May of 2018.


6. The Accessories Are A Must Look

Even when he’s wearing jeans and a loose shirt, his passion for fashion doesn’t stop. To take this outfit to a next level he accessorised it with a white bucket hate, round rimmed glasses and  platform sandals in a mustard shade.


7. The Dreamy Art Student Look

J-Hope couldn’t go wrong with this $2245 USD OFF-WHITE oversized coat in brown. He matched the coat with OFF-WHITE white sneakers, a black beanie and warm coloured round sunglasses.


8. The Dad Look With A Twist

At first sight this outfit might look normal, but after you pay more attention to each item J-Hope wore on this photo taken in October of 2018 you will notice the Chanel Vintage sunglasses, the combination of checkered, camo and lines patterns and the comfy but color-matching sandals.

Also, his bag has eyes, an smile, legs and arms. A true innovator even when wearing casual clothes.


9. The It’s All About The BALENCIAGAS Look

An oversized and relaxed outfit in earth hues matching with his signature BALENCIAGA TRIPLE S sneakers gave J-Hope an ultimate fashionista boyfriend look.


10. The Iconic HOPE Look He Absolutely Owned

The only thing J-Hope needed for this outfit to remain iconic was a red backpack with the words “HOPE” written in the front pocket, a pair of Puma white sandals and a black visor hat.