10 Times BTS’s V Matched His Clothes With His Hair Color And Looked Incredible

Rainbows have nothing on him.

Over the past few years, BTS’s V has rocked almost every hair color of the rainbow. Finding the right outfits for colored hair can be tough, but V often eliminates the color-coordination issues by matching his hair and his clothes. Here are 10 times he looked incredible while doing it.

1. Paint the town red

At the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, V painted the town red by pairing his hair with an all-red suit. He even wore a ruby-red earring to complete the whole look.

2. Feeling blue

During the Love Yourself tour in early 2019, V looked incredible in a blue jacket that matched the tone of his blue hair perfectly. The unique motifs on the jacket kept the outfit interesting.

3. Pretty in pink

From his head to his toes, V looks amazing in pink. So, it’s no surprise fans couldn’t get enough of his all-pink look at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Japan. He wore a pastel pink suit with his rich pink hair, the floral shirt completing his pretty look.

4. Red alert

On December 24 2018, V uploaded a behind-the-scenes shot from BTS’s Naver x Dispatch Christmas-themed photoshoot. His red cardigan covered in pigs would’ve looked like an ugly Christmas sweater on anyone else, but paired with his matching red hair, it somehow looked great.

5. Golden boy

At the 2018 Asia Artist Awards (AAA), V looked like a trophy himself. His gold-toned suit would’ve been eye-catching enough on its own, but it looked even better paired with his golden-blond locks.

6. Everything’s peachy

In this photoshoot for Love Yourself: Answer, V looked like a dream boy with his peach-pink hair and soft vibes. Technically, his shirt was white, but the lighting made it look pink too. But the most impressive part was how the color of the rose he was holding was a perfect match for his hair.

7. Mint condition

V’s airport outfit on February 9 2019 was fairly simple, but one thing really made it stand out—the way it matched his hair. At the time, he was sporting a mint ’do, which matched the mint green stripes on his comfy sweater.

8. Mellow yellow

The 2019 Golden Disc Awards saw V looking like a cute canary in a soft yellow sweater that was simply adorable with his yellowy-blond hair.

9. Black on black

There are few things sexier than all-black V. With black hair and a completely black outfit, he looks like the tall, dark, and handsome stranger of everyone’s dreams.

10. Green with envy

This matching look may be subtle, but the color coordination is still satisfying. This time, V paired his mint green hair with $1,800 Gucci blouse that featured forest green trim and pale green floral accents.


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