10+ Times EXO’s Kai Proved He’s A National Treasure By Wearing The Most Stylish Outfits In His Airport Fashion

If you didn’t feel your heart flutter at #6, you’re lying.

When you think about superstar idol EXO‘s Kai, the first things that you think of may be “dancing” and “fashion”, right?

It’s completely understandable, considering that Kai is extremely talented when it comes to showing off his amazing style of dancing.

And he’s also immensely fashionable.

After all, he wouldn’t be the first Korean idol to feature on Gucci’s global advertisement if he wasn’t fashionable, now, would he?

What’s great about Kai is that his sense of style isn’t just limited when he’s on the runway.

You can also see how he prioritizes style and balances it with comfort every time he’s spotted at the airport.

Here are 10+ pictures of Kai looking fashionable AF, even when he’s just preparing to go on a flight!

1. His whole outfit screams “Gucci ambassador here”

2. Long, comfy coat perfect for K-Drama male leads

3. Trademark scarf that goes well with his black, fitted pants and robe

4. Pink turtleneck to add balance to an otherwise too edgy outfit

5. Plain white shirt that enhances Kai’s visuals

6. Such a “boy-next-door-who-will-steal-your-heart” look

7. Pink knitted sweater because real men wear pink, after all

8. The perfect accessory for an all-gray outfit? Check Kai’s hand

9. Here’s a picture of an adorable bear wearing a shirt with another bear on it

10. Black leather jacket over a pair of casual denim pants = perfect look for his striking visuals

11. Finally, Kai with his trending bag that makes him a walking advertisement for high-class fashion

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