10+ Times IU Looked Like She Just Came Out Of A Magazine Cover As She Rocked Different Styles For Her Gorgeous Airport Fashion

IU’s look at #6 is cute, but her #9 style is an all-black outfit that a certain K-pop idol may like, too. 🐰

There’s a perfectly good reason why top-tier Korean celebrity IU has several endorsements under her belt.

No, it’s not just because of her perfectly soothing honey voice that charms the hearts of her millions fans.

And no, it’s not just because she has the spectacular visuals of a Disney princess. 

It’s because of IU’s flexibility: with her petite frame and her amazing visuals, IU can look gorgeous in whatever outfit she wears while endorsing whatever products she needs to.

Not yet convinced about IU’s versatile looks?

Check out these 10+ moments when she looked like she just came out of a magazine cover as she rocked various fashion styles and made it her own:

1. Innocent angel in a white top with denim skirt

2. Rocker chic with a leather blazer

3. Girly charms with her red dress and long straight hair

4. Artsy chic who’s the queen of beret in her all-black outfit

5. Stepped out of the runway in a Gucci outfit

6. Cozy yet still charming with her wool jacket

7. Feminine and fresh in a feather-patterned dress

8. Ready for winter in a warm coat

9. Playful IU with her short hair, leather-and-wool jacket and minimal makeup

10. Sophisticated chic perfect for the cold season

11. Girly charms you’d like to put in your pocket

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