5 Times IU Looked Like A Real-Life Version Of These Disney Princesses And Proved How Perfect Her Visuals Are

IU went viral once for looking like the Disney Princess at #5.

Looking at her gorgeous visuals, it’s no wonder why IU looks practically perfect — her twin sisters are Disney princesses!

This makes perfect sense, considering that IU’s nicknamed as “Korea’s Princess”, after all.

With her out-of-this-world looks, stunning visuals and innocent vibes, IU is definitely the real-life version of these five Disney princesses.

1. Princess Jasmine: Aladdin 

There’s a reason why IU chose to dress as Princess Jasmine: they look alike, especially when her hair is braided similarly to Jasmine’s.

She even has the sultry eyes to compete with the main princess in Aladdin’s heart, too.


2. Belle: Beauty and the Beast 

You don’t need to be an intellectual to see the resemblance between these two. IU’s soft facial features can definitely pull of Belle’s aesthetics.

Her tantalizing smile alone can help her be the belle of the ball.

3. Rapunzel: Tangled

What’s similar between IU and Rapunzel isn’t necessarily their choice of clothes or their fashion accessories.

It has something to do with their wistful expressions: both can look far off into the distance and still convince you to pack your bags and go with them on an adventure.

4. Princess Ariel: The Little Mermaid 

With her curly red locks and her adventurous approach in life, IU looks like the real-life version of Princess Ariel.

Their resemblance is even more magical when you watch them move — it’s like art in motion.

5. Princess Snow White

During one of her dramas, IU pulled off this look that made her look exactly like Princess Snow White.

She even trended on Korea’s search engines because she and Princess Snow White definitely resembled each other.

Of course, fans are on a different level as they pointed out that IU doesn’t really need to dress a certain way to be tagged as a Disney princess: her flawless skin and innocent vibes are enough to reward her with a crown.

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