10 Times Famous Idols Featured On Songs And You Didn’t Even Realize It

Did you know any of these?

There have been a number of times where idols have teamed up with Western artists and given fans a nice surprise. While these collabs generally get a lot of attention, there are many other times that idol collaborations go virtually unnoticed. Check out these times when famous idols were featured on songs and you didn’t even notice.





IU is one of the most popular singers and has put out a number of great songs. But there may be a few songs that people don’t realize she was featured in. IU’s voice can be heard in SUPREME TEAM’s “Why”


2. Lee Seung Hwan’s “Sorry”

Lee Bo Young


Lee Sung Hwan was looking for a new voice and asked actress Lee Bo Young to collaborate with him after he heard her voice. She can be heard in the song “Sorry”.


3. Sanjoy’s “Victim of Love”

GOT7’s Youngjae (aka ARS)


When GOT7’s Youngjae produces music he goes by the name ARS. He has actually released a few tracks under the name but he also collaborated with Sanjoy on the track “Victim of Love”


4. Shin Seung Hoon’s “Sun, Moon, Star, and Us”

Kim Go Eun


Kim Go Eun is known for being a great actress with a fabulous voice. Her voice caught the attention of Shin Seung Hoon in 2014. She sung on the track “Sun, Moon, Star, and Us”


5. Meng Jia’s “Mood”

GOT7’s Jackson


After dropping a few solo tracks, GOT7’s Jackson teamed up with popular Chinese singer and actress Meng Jia for her song “Mood”



Han Hyo Joo


Han Hyo Joo may be known for her acting but she actually has quite a pleasant voice. She was featured in BROWN EYED SOUL’s “You”


7. Kim Dong Wan’s “He_Starlight”

Jung So Min


Actress Jung So Min has been featured in a lot of K-Dramas lately, but did you know that she once collaborated with Kim Dong Wan for the track “He_Starlight”?


8. Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe”

CL and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon


This song by Skrillex features Diplo, CL, and G-Dragon!


9. Ricky Martin’s “Vente Pa’Ca”

Red Velvet’s Wendy


This song by Ricky Martin features the lovely voice of Red Velvet’s Wendy.


10. G-Dragon’s “That XX”



Although this song by G-Dragon does not feature BLACKPINK Jennie’s voice, she is heavily featured in the music video which may come as a nice surprise for BLINKs.

Source: 1boon
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