10+ Times (G)I-DLE Miyeon’s Visuals Stood Out In Her Casual Fashion

She makes even the simplest outfits look good!

(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon is a gorgeous beauty, and her visuals stand out even in the most casual of outfits! Here are 10+ times Miyeon totally slayed her casual fashion looks like the queen she is!

1. Miyeon in a beret is a total high-fashion statement!


2. Miyeon and pretty white tops, name a better duo!


3. Miyeon’s visuals can really pull off anything, especially this oversized shirt and shorts combo!


4. Just a fashionista owning her runway in this plaid dress!


5. This off-shouldered top really brings out her pretty-shoulder line!


6. Another one for Miyeon in oversized shirts and shorts!


7. Just an angel in a white top and jeans!


8. Queen of proportions!


9. Miyeon is killing it in this casual fit!


10. It’s unreal how Miyeon can make a simple T-shirt and jeans look so classy!


11. This printed sweater and all-black look is a total win!


12. Such a visual queen!


13. She’s slaying with her visuals in this plaid outfit!


14. Miyeon makes even the simplest outfits look good!


15. Her whole fit is definitely great fall fashion inspo!


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