10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Was The Picture Of Elegance In The Prettiest Gowns

She’s the prettiest, most elegant lady!

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun is the group’s “giant maknae”, who’s gone from a baby to a lady! In the 12 and a half years of her career, she’s grown up to be a gorgeous young woman, and with every one of her appearances, has stirred the hearts of fans with her visuals! Here are 10+ times Seohyun attended a red carpet event in the prettiest evening gowns, and looked every bit the tall, beautiful goddess she is!

1. This Gorgeous Deep Blue Gown


2. This Sequined, Cream Gown


3. This Lacy Black Gown


4. This Sparkly Crimson Gown


5. This White Wedding Gown


6. This Satin Red Gown


7. This Sequined Gold Gown


8. This Lacy White Gown


9. This Gorgeous Black Gown


10. This Black And White Gown


11. This Light Blue Gown


12. This Light Pink Flowery Gown

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