10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Was A Long-Legged Queen Of Proportions

Her legs go on for days!

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun is the second tallest member of her group, and has really grown into her own when it comes to visuals! Here are 10+ times Seohyun served gorgeous visuals, and was a long-legged queen of proportions!

1. Seohyun is so pretty in this all black outfit!

2. She’s slaying this chic and stylish fit!

3. Seohyun rocking a simple pair of jeans is everything!

4. Visual queen!

5. Queen of summer fashion!

6. She’s a leg queen in this black dress!

7. This classy fit is classic Seohyun!

8. So pretty!

9. Sexy Seohyun is wrecking us!

10. Her legs go on for miles in this dress!

11. Seohyun in slit skirts is such a visual serve!

12. She’s gorgeous!

13. She’s an angelic beauty in this white dress!

14. Sexy queen!

15. Even her casual visuals are so classy!

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