10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Was A Sophisticated Queen In Her Classy Casual Fashion

Seohyun’s got high-class visuals, and an elegant fashion sense to match!

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun is the group’s maknae, and over the course of her long career, has grown up into a mature, beautiful lady! Here are 10+ times Seohyun duly impressed in the classiest casual fashion, and blew fans away with her gorgeous visuals!

1. Seohyun is such a classy beauty in this outfit!


2. Seohyun in a simple blouse and pants still exudes so much beauty and class!


3. This matching jacket and shorts combo, along with the black heels, is so cute on her!


4. Seohyun’s giving off some serious CEO vibes in this suit dress!


5. Seohyun’s airport fashion is top-notch!


6. She’s a stylish queen in this coat!


7. She looks amazing in this outfit!


8. This soft white coat makes her look so sophisticated!


9. Seohyun’s killing it in this outfit!


10. She looks super classy even in jeans!


11. She has great taste in fashion!


12. Seohyun’s a visual goddess in this all-black outfit!


13. She’s a high-class beauty in this dress!


14. She’s such a cutie!


15. This light-toned outfit lends a classy, yet casual vibe to her visuals!


16. Seohyun is the picture of elegance in this dress!


17. A high-class cutie pie!


18. She’s such a sophisticated beauty!

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