10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Was A Fairytale Beauty In The Most Gorgeous Gowns

She gives off such an ethereal glow in gowns!

Throughout her long career as an idol, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has been seen in some really pretty outfits, both on and offstage! Here are 10+ times Taeyeon made a grand appearance in a gorgeous gown, and blew fans away with her elegant beauty!

1. Taeyeon’s visuals in this gown are breathtaking.


2. Such alluring visuals!


3. This gown looks lovely on Taeyeon!


4. Taeyeon in this gown is everything (peep TaeNy too!)


5. A whole visual right here!


6. This red gown makes her looks unbelievably gorgeous.


7. This black gown really highlights her visuals well!


8. Taeyeon is beautiful!


9. This gown is gorgeous, and Taeyeon in it makes it even better!


10. This pink gown suits her so much!


11. Dangerously sexy looks!


12. She’s serving’ power visuals in this red gown!


13. She’s so pretty!


14. Taeyeon looks ethereal in this gown!


15. She’s glowing in this beautiful gown!


16. Her visuals are poppin’ in this gown!

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