10 Times GOT7’s Teasing King BamBam Terrorized His Members – And Once They Got Him Back

He loves riling up his members!

GOT7’s BamBam always has something hilarious to say!

GOT7’s BamBam | @BamBam1A/Twitter

He is an expert at social media, especially creeping on Twitter! Fans both love and (jokingly) hate this fact!

One thing that BamBam loves to do is tease his fellow GOT7 members.

1. JayB is often a target.

Fans affectionately refer to the two as the “Tom and Jerry” of the group and you can see why! In this clip, you can see BamBam and JayB going back and forth on the set of the KBS COOL FM STATION Z radio program where JayB was a host. BamBam gives JayB a playful smack on the shoulder after the radio program ended with JayB retaliating right after. At the end of the clip, JayB shrugs in a way that says “You see what I deal with?”

2. BamBam has teased JayB since he opened his Twitter account!

The moment JayB posted his first tweet BamBam camped out in his replies. BamBam’s first tweet “Are you real?” seemed like a normal response, but anyone that knows him knows that was just the first hit. BamBam then replies “Opps[sic]…wrong jb” with a gif of another JB, Justin Bieber!

BamBam then takes JayB’s lack of response as a sign of fear in his next reply before peace-ing out. JayB finally confirmed his “real” status after that!

3. His teasing of the group’s leader knows no bounds!

As cat lovers, JayB and BamBam have always loved sharing photos of their pets. When JayB shared a quick snap of his “morning view,” one of his cats sitting on a pillow next to his head, BamBam couldn’t resist commenting!

4. BamBam has been hilarious through the years!

In this airport arrival video, the members of GOT7 are shown waiting while surrounded by fans and bodyguards. BamBam took the chance to mess with JayB, tapping his opposite shoulder and pretending nothing happened. JayB immediately accuses Jinyoung while the other members laugh.

5. BamBam fearlessly went after Jinyoung when he was Twitter-less.

Another target of BamBam’s “affections” is Jinyoung. BamBam loves bringing up old photos of Jinyoung and this tweet was no exception. The photo, a zoomed-in shot of Jinyoung from a past magazine shoot, shows an interesting hairstyle. BamBam needs no reason to tease his members!

6. The teasing continued even after Jinyoung created his own Twitter account!

While Jinyoung was still learning how to use Twitter, BamBam took the opportunity to drag him some more! This photoset of an older debut-era photo of Jinyoung transforming into the frog meme has been around the fandom for a while, so it was only a matter of time before BamBam used it!

7. BamBam is known to tease members even during his own solo events.

Jackson made his first Coachella debut in 2022, and although the performance was amazing, BamBam found something to tease them over.  BamBam mocked the way Jackson caught his breath after performing during his 2nd Premium Live fan meeting in Thailand, proving timezones mean nothing when it comes to making fun!

8. BamBam REALLY loves teasing Jackson about his dance moves!

During one of the stage performances for “Last Piece,” BamBam took the time to dance a bit of Jackson’s solo release “Pretty Please.” Even though he was teasing, BamBam looked pretty good doing the dance moves!

9. Teasing is a group effort for GOT7 sometimes, and BamBam will always join in!

While Jackson was reiterating statements about GOT7’s then-upcoming tour made during a live in Chinese, Yugyeom and Youngjae began mimicking his hand gestures. BamBam is never one to miss out on a chance to poke fun, so he joined along after a moment.

10. Bambam loves teasing their youngest member, Yugyeom!

In this short clip, GOT7 are celebrating Yugyeom’s birthday and you can hear the members begin to request, ‘Super Aegyo‘ (acting cute) from the birthday boy who quickly obliges. GOT7 would tell each other to do super aegyo or super sexy during live broadcasts, with Bambam often being an instigator.

BONUS: The other members of GOT7 have always gotten their “baby” BamBam back from the very beginning!

This pre-debut era clip features the other members messing with a sleeping BamBam. This clip was shown during GOT7’s GOT2Day episode featuring BamBam and Youngjae.

We love GOT7’s relationship!