10+ Times “Hospital Playlist” Actor Jo Jung Suk And His Crackhead Moments Left Viewers Cackling

What a comedian! 😂

K-Drama viewers love actor Jo Jung Suk because, well for one, he is one dapper fellow but two, because he is simply hilarious AF. And his most recent role as the cheeky Dr. Lee Ik Jun in Hospital Playlist has us rolling on the floor laughing. Honestly, viewers can’t tell if Jo Jung Suk is actually acting or only being himself on set — but either way, Dr. Lee Ik Jun is the spirit animal we never knew we needed. Here are 10+ times his “crackhead” moments had us laughing our brains out.

1. The Grand Entrance

This is how Dr. Lee Ik Jun first gets introduced to the show. Enough said.

2. Into The Sterilized Fridge Zone

If you don’t open your fridge like this, what are you even doing?

3. Scrub In 101

When you need to be picked, you go out there and do the “Pick Me” dance. No shame.

4. Inside Men

What in the world is he doing?

This iconic scene from Inside Men, of course.

5. His Spirit Animal


6. Commute Attire On Fleek

Yes, he is a doctor. But until he is a doctor, he is a full-on, serious cyclist.

7. How Not To Wear Your COVID-19 Mask

How many times need it be told? THE MASK COVERS THE NOSE AND THE MOUTH.

8. Like Father, Like Son

Look how the son is so done with the morning routine.


9. The Door, The Door, The Door

Is there any other way to close the door in the rain though?

10. Boys Be Boys

Is this you in a fight with your best friend? Yes.

11. Wangsimni Station

The doors are on your right.

12. When Your Best Friend Starts Dating

True friendship is built on teasing, roasting, and squishing.