10 Times Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Were So Close, It Was Obvious They Were Meant To Be

#4 was a big hint.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were entangled in dating rumors since their 2018 film The Negotiation. Though they denied it multiple times, it was clear that they were at least very good friends.

In behind the scenes videos, press conferences, and more, they often gave hints about how close their relationship really is. Check them out below!

1. When they talked for each other

Son Ye Jin knew Hyun Bin so well, she couldn’t help but talk in his place when asked about his preparations for Crash Landing on You.

2. When they called each other out

As a result of taking his lines, Hyun Bin playfully told her, “I’ll speak for myself”.

3. When they made candid jokes

During an interview with The Swoon, they were asked which of their characters is most like their real selves. As soon as she heard the question, Son Ye Jin joked that Hyun Bin was like his 2009 role, Man Soo, in the film I Am Happy—a “deeply troubled” man.

4. When they made sure the other is okay

Hyun Bin often looked over at his co-star to ensure she was comfortable. If he saw an opportunity to make things easier for her—like holding her elbow so she could sit steadily—he took it.

5. When they helped each other

Hyun Bin spontaneously fixed Son Ye Jin’s hair while filming Crash Landing on You, a totally sweet move!

6. When they looked at each other lovingly

Whether it’s interviews…

…award shows…

| Baeksang Arts Awards

…or press conferences, they couldn’t help but be 100% focused on each other.

7. When they had the same weakness

They weren’t shy to joke about how they both aren’t good at math!

8. When they had fun filming

Despite the hectic schedules that come with shooting a drama, they did their best to keep things light and fun on set.

9. When they were embarrassed for each other

When Hyun Bin made an acrostic poem from his character’s name, Ri Jeong Hyeok, it didn’t make complete sense. Both he and Son Ye Jin were notably embarrassed at the mishap, showing how comfortable they are in each other’s presence.

10. When they went all-out on their compliments

Finally, they’re 100% supportive of each other. In a “Compliment Me” challenge on The Swoon, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin wrote heart-warming words for each other. They didn’t hold back with their praise!

When it comes to confirmed couples, they’re one of the sweetest!


Source: YouTube