10+ Times Hyuna Was A Sexy Queen With Abs For Days In Crop Tops

Her abs are incredible!

Hyuna is a gorgeous sexy queen, who boasts abs for days! Here are 10+ times Hyuna bared her crazy fit body in the cutest crop tops, and had fans falling for her even more!

1. Hyuna’s abs are incredible!


2. Her abs are so well-defined!


3. Hyuna is gorgeous!


4. Her abs are crazy toned!


5. Crop tops look so good on Hyuna!


6. Her orange hair needs a comeback soon!


7. Chic queen coming through!


8. She’s slaying this look!


9. Sexy queen!


10. This crop top looks amazing on her!


11. She’s body goals!


12. Fit queen!


13. This was such a fun look on her!


14. This iconic performance is a Hyuna classic!


15. She’s giving off such cute, sporty vibes!


16. Hyuna is such a queen!