10+ Times Idols Made You Wanna Buy Sh*t You Totally Didn’t Need

If your bias says “buy it”, you say “shut up and take my money”.

1. BLACKPINK – Cosmetic contact lenses

Before this commercial came out, you thought you liked your eye colour. Turns out, you were wrong!


2. BTS and Park Bo Gum – Coca-Cola

Your soda-free diet plans just went out the window. Don’t worry, we understand. Who can say no to BTS and Park Bo Gum?


3. TWICE – Pocari Sweat

Gatorade? Powerade? Water? No, only Pocari Sweat can quench your thirst after you’ve laid eyes on this sporty TWICE ad. You have no idea what it’s in it, but if TWICE is repping it, it must be a taste of paradise!


4. Wanna One – EiDER Sneaker

There’s nothing wrong with your running shoes. They’re comfortable, durable, and have been your favourite choice of footwear…until now. Suddenly, you find yourself Googling EiDER Sneaker, then the next thing you know you’re checking sizes and shipping costs, even though your shoes are perfect, even though you might not normally like white sneakers!


5. Red Velvet – Toreore Chicken

Vegetarian ReVeluvs might be tempted to change their lifestyle after seeing this CF. Red Velvet just makes chicken look so yummy, don’t they?


6. JooE (MOMOLAND) – Tropicana

You might not normally like canned fruit drinks, but if you’re as extra as JooE you might have searched for sparkling Tropiana after seeing this psychedelic CF.


7. Heechul (Super Junior) – Pick! Miwon

An army of Heechul clones dances to the tune of Produce 101‘s song “Pick Me“ while asking viewers to “pick Miwon”. You’re not even sure what he’s advertising. All you know is that if Heechul is asking you to pick it, you will!


8. BTOB  – Tony Moly’s Green Tea Moisture Cream

The logical part of your brain says that you have more than enough skincare products, but part of you still wonders this green tea cream will make your complexion as flawless as BTOB‘s.


9. GFRIEND – Clinique Lip Gloss

Some GFRIEND fans may not have considered wearing a bold lip shade…until this CF whispered “try me”. After seeing how gorgeous the members look in rich purples and reds, you may want to try switching up your look!


10.  WINNER – Kia

Even fans who don’t have a driver’s license may be tempted to check out this red Kia after seeing WINNER pose with it. Just imagine, driving through Seoul with your bias in the passenger seat…


11.  BLACKPINK – Sprite

Pepsi? CokeDr. Pepper? No. BLINKs just have to have Sprite!


12. EXO CBX – Hyundai

EXO fans are known to have a lot of purchasing power, but who would have though that their spending sprees would extend to cars? Hyundai actually had to stop pre-orders of their KONA electric SUV because too many EXO-Lhad to have one!


13. Eunwoo (ASTRO) – Clearteen

Even if you’ve already tried every acne cream on the market, that probably won’t stop you from pining after Clearteen. Why? Because if you buy, Eunwoo will fly across the world and fall madly in love with you…right?