10+ Times ITZY’s Ryujin Flaunted Her Gorgeous Hourglass Figure

#13 is jaw-dropping!

ITZY Ryujin‘s visuals are seriously gorgeous and she takes our breath away every time. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but her figure is also jaw-dropping!

Here are 10+ times Ryujin flaunted her flawless hourglass figure:

1. Her tiny ant-waist!


2. She’s incredibly stunning!

3. Her curves are gorgeous

4. She’s got the perfect hourglass figure

5. She’s got legs for days!


6. Ryujin is always stunning on stage

7. Ryujin has such breathtaking visuals!

8. Hope she shares her workout routine soon!

9. Her dance lines are so pretty!

10. Ryujin has gorgeous curves!

11. Her physique is impressive from every angle

12. She was blessed with a pretty hourglass figure

13. This moment made everyone’s jaw drop

14. She’s actually unbelievably stunning

15. We did not get enough of Ryujin in this stunning outfit!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

16. She can pull off any outfit with her amazing figure

17. She’s goals in every way!

18. Cute from head to toe!