10+ Times ITZY’s Yuna Turned The Airport Into A Fashion Runway

She’s effortlessly gorgeous!

ITZY‘s maknae Yuna is so gorgeous on and off stage that she can turn a while airport into her own personal runway! From her effortless beauty, Amazing style, and her stunning figure, Yuna definitely turns heads when she walks through the airport.

Here are 10 times Yuna turned the airport into her own fashion runway.

1. She looks glamorous

2. Her smile lights up the whole airport

3. Her fiery red hair adds to her boldness and charm!

4. She’s naturally beautiful

5. Long-legged maknae

6. Her natural beauty is out if this world

7. She’s always classy

8. Yuna can even make a big jacket, hoodie, and sweats look good!

9. She can even pull off a more tomboy look

10. She’s actually glowing

11. She can work any color scheme!