10+ Times IU Bared Her Pretty Shoulder-Line In Off-Shouldered Outfits

IU in off-shouldered outfits is a whole look!

IU is a visual queen, who’s known for her slender and petite frame! All of her outfits seem to mesh in well with her almost ethereal aura, but she seems to pull of gowns and off-shoulder outfits especially well! Here are 10+ times IU wore an off-shoulder outfit, and bared her sexy shoulder-line for all to see!

1. IU is killin’ it in this floral dress!


2. She’s “bleuming” in this gorgeous dress!


3. Her visuals are unreal.


4. Queen of sexy shoulder-lines!


5. She looks so beautiful in this white dress!


6. IU in this off-shouldered red dress should be illegal.


7. Her visuals are ethereal.


8. This black dress is so sexy on her!


9. Her pretty shoulder-line is highlighted so well in this dress!


10. IU’s serving looks in this dress!


11. IU’s sexy side is jumping out in this outfit!


12. IU’s as pretty as a flower in this dress!


13. She’s flaunting her sexy shoulder-line like a beautiful queen!


14. This purple dress is working for her!


15. IU in this black off-shouldered dress is a look!


16. IU looks so pretty in pink!


17. She’s a gorgeous queen in this off-shouldered gown!