10+ Times IU Had Us Feeling Super Soft In The Fluffiest Over-Sized Sweaters

IU in big sweaters is an iconic aesthetic!

IU is a beautiful queen, who’s known for her incredible talent as a songwriter and a singer! She’s also known to be cute and kind, which shows through in her innocent visuals! Here are 10+ times IU wore the fluffiest sweaters, and had you feeling absolutely soft!

1. This blue sweater is such a pretty look on IU!


2. IU rocks the oversized sweater and skater skirt combo!


3. This was one of IU’s best looks from “Blueming”!


4. This white sweater makes her look ethereal.


5. This casual sweater is classic IU!


6. Purple is one of IU’s best colors!


7. IU in this colorful sweater and hair is iconic!


8. IU’s visuals just hit different in white oversized sweaters!


9. More of IU in a white sweater!


10. IU looks so soft in this pink sweater!


11. She’s so beautiful!


12. This sweater is such a classy look on IU!


13. She’s pretty in pink!


14. IU looks so beautiful in this black sweater!


15. Her casual visuals are unreal!


16. This white fluffy sweater and matching hat is everything!