The Members Of IZ*ONE Attempted An ASMR Unboxing, But It Turned Into The Members Just Praising Each Other

IZ*ONE are each others biggest supporters.

IZ*ONE recently made their comeback with their title track “Fiesta” and has had massive success. IZ*ONE also did an ASMR unboxing of all 3 versions of their album BLOOM*IZ and the members couldn’t help but compliment each other during the segment. Not only were the members complementing each other, but they were also showing some love to their individual selves.

1. Hitomi wanting to kiss Minju’s picture

2. Eunbi fangirling over Sakura

3. Members praising Yena with love

4. Members praising Chaewon’s visuals, with Chaewon adding on

5. Gushing over Yujin and her blue hair

6. Sakura and Yuri showing love to each other

7. Eunbi loving herself

8. Chaeyeon saying Sakura has so many pretty pictures that it would take 40 years to pick only one

9. Princess Chaewon and Sakura

10. Hyewon realizing that she’s handsome

Bonus: Sakura praising everyone

Watch the full ASMR unboxing videos below!