10+ Times IZ*ONE’s Eunbi Served Only Visuals In Her Stage Outfits

Eunbi is such a powerhouse of visuals and talents onstage!

IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi is a gorgeous visual, and an absolute force to be reckoned with onstage! Her incredible dancing, coupled with her visuals make her stand out incredibly, and her stage outfits look all that much prettier! Here are 10+ times Eunbi wore the prettiest stage outfits, and killed it with her visuals!

1. She’s killin’ it in this red outfit!


2. She’s so pretty in this outfit!


3. Her visuals are incredible!


4. Eunbi in this purple dress is such a visual serve!


5. Beautiful!


6. She’s giving off serious girl crush vibes in this all-black outfit!


7. Purple is totally Eunbi’s color!


8. She’s an angelic beauty in this white dress!


9. She’s a sexy queen in this fit!


10. She’s gorgeous in this plaid dress!


11. Another one for Eunbi in plaid!


12. A whole cutie!


13. She’s killin’ it in this all-denim outfit!


14. She’s such a graceful visual!


15. This suit dress is a perfect fit for her!