Here Are 10 Times IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Rocked The Most Gorgeous Stage Outfits

She absolutely shines onstage!

IZ*ONE‘s Jang Wonyoung is the group’s pretty maknae, and lives up to the title well! While she’s beautiful both on as well as off-stage, she really shines in the pretty stage outfits that she puts on, and crushes her performances too! Here are 10 times Wonyoung wore the most gorgeous stage outfits, and had fans floored with how pretty she looked!

1. This unique red, white, and black outfit

Wonyoung can make anything look good!


2. Red, sparkly outfit

Wonyoung looks so amazing in red!


3. This dreamy, pastel outfit.

For the group’s “Violeta” promotions, Wonyoung donned this beautiful pastel outfit, and looked absolutely ethereal!


4. This cute sailor dress!

This dress fits Wonyoung’s tall frame so well!


5. Purple and white outfit

This whole outfit looks like it may be very difficult to pull off, but Wonyoung totally slayed!


6. Black and purple

Wonyoung kills it in this black blouse and purple skirt combo!


7. White shirt and patterned skirt

Wonyoung looks super cute in this white shirt and skirt patterned with hearts!


8. Blue sequined dress

She’s absolutely stunning in this blue sequined dress!


9. Black and white uniform

Wonyoung looks gorgeous in this outfit!

10. Classy plaid jacket and skirt

She’s so classy in this outfit!