10 Times Jin And Suga Had The Most Palpable Chemistry In BTS

#6 is too cute!

As the two oldest members of BTS, Jin and Suga have an undeniable friendship that their close ages allow. Somehow, some way, they just get each other. Here are 10 times their very real chemistry was caught in gifs!

1. When they sneakily looked at each other

Suga’s little nod says he knows what’s up.

2. When they were so close that their heads touched

What is personal space?

3. When they both laughed at the same thing

Whatever it is, it erased all tiredness from their eyes.

4. When they shared a moment

There are sparks between them!

5. When Jin put his arm on Suga’s shoulder

Their bromance is real.

6. When Jin scolded Suga

And Suga just played along.

7. When they rocked the same pose

Whatever Suga does, Jin has to follow.

8. When Suga blew on Jin’s face

He’s like an annoying brother.

9. When Jin pulled Suga closer

Jin loves him regardless.

10. Finally, when they excitedly embraced

They’re the cutest!

Anyone else can’t get enough of these two?