10+ Times Jung Hae In Snatched Our Hearts With His Effortlessly Attractive Airport Fashion

Hello, we’re hear to report a crime: Jung Hae In snatched our hearts with these fine, fine looks.

Ever since Korean actor Jung Hae In has made his debut in 2014, he has managed to steal the hearts of viewers worldwide because of his good looks…

…kindhearted personality and bright eye-smile that’s guaranteed to make your day a little bit better.

Jung Hae In is proof that it doesn’t matter whatever a K-Pop celebrity decides to wear, since he can look good even when he’s wearing the simplest of outfits.

Check out these 10+ moments when Jung Hae In made everyone swoon with his effortlessly attractive fashion sense.

All-black outfit — exactly what a discreet celebrity loves to wear!

He didn’t just stop at the top and bottom, though: he made sure to even add in a cap to complete the whole look.


Beige trench-coat with a cute personalized passport cover that brings out his quirky personality

Light blue striped blouse that enhances his bright skin

This look suits Hae In’s gentle visuals because he looks simply angelic while wearing it.

Plain yellow top with denim pants? *chef’s kiss*

A black shirt with “FANCY” printed on it may be ironic…

…but he still looks like he just stepped out of a magazine cover, don’t you think?

This look is the most casual and most relatable look of Hae In…

…and frankly, you’ve been tempted to wear the same whenever you’re planning for your own airport fashion, right?

There are several ways you can accessorize a plain white shirt

You can pair it with a nice bracelet and leather backpack…

…or you can jazz it up a little by having an all-black luggage to complete your look.

Looking for the ultimate boyfriend look? Here it is!

The way his hair is styled differently + the way his eyeglasses shape his face perfectly + the way he wears the knitted sweater gracefully?

It’s like someone drew the ultimate perfect look on paper and Hae In just decided to be the real-life version of it.

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