15 Heart-Fluttering Moments When Jung Hae In Smiled And Took Our Breaths Away

Life tip: get you a partner who looks at you like #11.

With his heart-fluttering eye smile and boyish charms, Korean actor Jung Hae In is definitely a wonderful sight for sore eyes.

After all, his name has been on the most-searched list in Naver for several times…

…and he’s been nicknamed as “Milk Man” because of his “superior genes”.

Having made his debut in the acting scene in 2014, Hae In’s has been stealing the hearts of his fans for several years now because of his overall good looks and equally pleasing personality.

Check out these 15+ delightful moments when Jung Hae In effortlessly showed off his aegyo simply by smiling and being his honest self:

1. That slow-motion smile hits different, doesn’t it?

2. The spark in his eyes tells you how playful he’s being

3. Shy boy Hae In must be protected at all times

4. Wherever is fine, as long as he’s driving

5. His head gestures are definitely adorable

6. Wink attack!

7. His eyebrow twitch combined with his smile? *blows chef’s kiss*

8. A smirk looks 100% angelic, coming from him

9. This is how boys act like when they’re talking to their crush

10. Forget everything: give all the awards to his fantastic stylist

11. Get you a partner who looks at you like this

12. Hearts for everyone

13. Pouting cutely is one of his trademark styles when doing aegyo 

14. His boy-next-door-charms are through the roof!

15. This is the only valid way to eat when you’re trying to show off how cute you are

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