10+ Times Park Seo Joon Made Our Jaws Drop With His Perfect Visuals Just By Wearing Casual Airport Fashion Outfits

#9 is such a perfect look for him — did he wear this in a drama before?

There’s no denying that Park Seo Joon is one of the most popular actors in the Korean entertainment scene today.

His popularity can be attributed to three elements. The first element is his high level of charisma that appeals to both the young and not-so-young population.

Second: his versatile acting skills make him fit for every role he takes in, from a charming and quirky CEO…

…to an ambitious young entrepreneur who’s not scared of reaching after his dreams.

And finally, the third element that makes him popular all over the world?

It’s his outstanding visuals that are evident whenever he’s modelling for the cover of a magazine…

…flaunting his costumes at his dramas…

…and going to the airport to board his flights. Not yet convinced about Park Seo Joon’s gorgeous visuals? Take a look at his best airport fashion yet below and thank us later.

1. Casual suit that’s still light and breezy for summer

2. Perfect “boy-next-door” look, paired with his relaxed hair

3. Fluffy sweater that makes him look like the kind of guy you’d introduce to your parents

4. All-white outfit that gives a sneak peek of his toned arms

5. Clean look with different layers of top for the extra warmth

6. Is this the fashion runway, or simply the airport?

7. The black top is sexy enough, but the colored shades just upgraded this look

8. Light blue suit is balanced by a pair of casual sneakers

9. This outfit looks ridiculously good on him

10. Is this a veteran actor or an adorable college student?

11. A trusty pair of shades is one of his favorite accessories

12. Light-brown blazer to add a bit of color to his simple top-and-jeans outfit

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