10+ Times Kim Soo Hyun Proved His Visual Perfection And Made Our Jaws Drop With His Gorgeous Airport Fashion

Do you like Kim Soo Hyun with his hair up, or down?

It’s a well-established fact that Kim Soo Hyun has incredible acting talent, as evidenced by his multiple acting awards and accolade.

But did you know that his visuals represent perfection, too?

His “small face” is well-loved by his fans.

His body proportions and abs are also pegged as “eye-candy” by the viewers of his running drama, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

And his overall body frame and visuals, together with his talents, helped him make his name known to every household in Korea — even in the whole world!

He’s not just a multi-talented actor, he’s a great model too. Just check out these 10+ pictures of him wearing his best airport fashion and see for yourself:

1. Classy and cool — such an embodiment of a perfect gentleman.

2. Wearing a statement shirt that’s as adorable as he is

3. Baseball cap backwards + no makeup = 100% perfection

4. Caps do the opposite for him — it enhances his great visuals!

5. When your favorite oppa wears this, you know spring is coming.

6. Tucked-in top — there’s a reason the fangirls are squealing in delight behind him.

7. A bomber jacket gives him an edgy vibe.

8. He looks simple and casual, but his outfit is actually worth serious dough!

9. A cozy sweater to warm your heart.

10. Do Min Joon, is that you?

11. A colorful ensemble like a green-and-blue outfit can only be pulled off by Soo Hyun.

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