10+ Times MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Wore A Suit And Made MooMoos Question Their Sexuality

If you thought you were straight, check this post and think again.

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul is successfully redefining fashion’s outdated gender norms — and is confusing a lot of MooMoos in the process.

Here are MooMoos’s funniest reactions to Moonbyul wearing a suit — just in case you need a healthy dose of identity crisis today.


1. Who says suits have to be gender-specific, right?

2. Even celebrities are amazed by Moonbyul’s visuals

3. This is the content everyone needs in their lives

4. Say “thank you, Moonbyul”

5. There’s a reason why lesbians choose her as one of their favorite idols

6. And then, there was chaos

7. Moonbyul: *breathes* and MooMoos say…

8. In case you were wondering what the subject of the tweet is

9. Raise your hand if you felt personally attacked by this tweet

10. Nothing to see here, just some normal-colored lighting for you to enjoy

11. The combination is a sure-kill

12. Rumor is, there were no survivors that day

13. How many suits does Moonbyul have to wear before you get tired of her? The limit does not exist




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