10+ Times MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Made Our Jaws Drop With His Ridiculously Gorgeous Airport Fashion

If #8 doesn’t make your heart flutter, you’re lying.

In the world of K-Pop, duality is a universal concept.

Usually, the stage persona of an idol is vastly different from their usual personality, since performing onstage requires great presence of mind, concentration and giving it your all.

And in MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon‘s case, this duality more pronounced.

Usually, Hyungwon is called the “Meme King” because of its hilarious expressions that make his members and their fans laugh out loud.

But when Hyungwon is rocking his own airport fashion, he looks like a visual demigod whose gorgeous looks are certainly on another level.

Not yet convinced? Just check out these 10+ moments of Hyungwon owning the airport runway with his outfits.

1. This look belongs in the runway

2. Hyungwon is a great model — he has legs for days!

3. Is this airport fashion or a photo-shoot for a high-end brand?

4. This black outfit is complemented by his blond hair

5. Nothing says summer like a well-fitted tropical shirt

6. This all-black outfit is the reason why a lot of Monbebes feel graciously attacked by Hyungwon

7. There’s a reason why he loves wearing trench-coats looking like an ideal lead in a K-Drama: his legs are gorgeously long

8. Imagine getting on your flight and having him as your seatmate with this look

9. A classic all-black outfit with a white button-up shirt to balance the look

10. Is it really a complete airport fashion outfit if he’s not wearing a trench-coat?

11. Perfect outfit for seasonal transitions when you’re flying somewhere with a different climate

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