10+ Times When Nam Joo Hyuk Served Us With Perfect Boyfriend Visuals To Make Your Quarantine A Little Less Lonely

If you imagine hard enough, it’s like you and Nam Joo Hyuk are Face-timing each other at #9.

Fans could not forget how famous actor Nam Joo Hyuk acted like the perfect boyfriend in his past drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

As a tribute to his convincing performance, here are 10+ times when he served the fans with his perfect boyfriend visuals — all it takes is a little bit of imagination on your part, and he’ll have your heart fluttering, even during quarantine.

1. Going to the farmer’s market together

2. Visiting a house-style cafe with him

3. Telling you he’ll carry you upstairs because your feet hurt from the heels you’re wearing

4. Going on a picnic during lunch because the weather is beautiful

5. Buying ice cream during summer — you shared a cone

6. Waking up early to run and work out with him in your local park

7. Going to the beach — but he forgot to bring sunscreen

8. Calling you in the middle of the day just to show you his babies

9. Face-Timing before you go to sleep

10. Going outside for a midnight snack

11. Sending you a selfie right after he wakes up

12. Opening the door for you

13. Driving as he’s on his way to see you

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