8 Times BTS’s J-Hope Proved He’s The Perfect Boyfriend Material

Imagine Hoseok giving you food late at night. 

BTS’s J-Hope has already proven himself to be a wonderful idol. He can sing, he can rap and he can dance. 

But can he steal your heart just in time for Valentine’s Day?

Let’s go through his “perfect boyfriend material” moments together and find out!

1. He’ll cheer you up when you’re having a bad day

If his “I’m your hope. You’re my hope” bit isn’t working, you can always rely on him to make funny faces that’ll turn your frown upside down.

2. If you cry, he’s right there to cry with you

Hobi also knows that sometimes, the best way to feel better is to let out a good old-fashioned cry.

Best part? He’ll pull you close and hug you tighter when you’re done crying.

3. Food cravings at midnight? He’s ready

Woke up at 2 am and craving for jajangmyeon? 

Let him know and he’ll deliver your food personally right at your doorstep.

4. He’ll care for you the most

If his love for his members is any indication, you’d be pleased to know that he tends to care deeply for the people he loves.

“I have two things to say about J-Hope. First, is his deep love for the members. If someone is feeling down, he will worry [about them] more than anyone else. Second, is his passion for singing and dancing…Actually, I also think he is handsome.”

– Jimin on J-Hope’s personality

5. His aegyo game is the real deal

You got mad at him because he’s a bit late to your date?

One look at this and you’re bound to feel a little bit brighter.

You want to stay at home to read books and he’s asking you to go to an arcade with him?

Sorry, not today.

With Hobi as your alarm clock, you don’t need anything else

Your alarm clock went off and you still haven’t woken up?

Get ready for this.

6. Amusement park dates are always full of belly laughs and endless teasing

You don’t need to act so tough with Hoseok around.

You both know you’re scared of roller-coasters…

Sometimes, even random bursts of light…

And you’re both perfectly fine with that.

After all, you can sneak a peek at his amazingly gorgeous jawline when he’s beside you!

Scared of watching a scary movie?

It’s okay. His reaction alone is enough to make you burst out laughing!

7. His goofy side makes his cheesy side even better…

Can you imagine him saying this to you…in real life?

“You only have to look at me. When I look at your smiling face, I become happy. Is it because I love you? It doesn’t matter… I, who fell for you, have already lost.”

– J-Hope on Weekly Idol

8. He’s a devoted son who loves his family very much

Because Hoseok’s mother worked in another country to financially support his dream of being a dancer against his father’s wishes, Hoseok dedicated an entire song for her.

His hard work eventually paid off and his family couldn’t be prouder.

If he worked as hard as he did in being an idol, imagine how perfect your relationship with J-Hope as your boyfriend will be, too.