Here Are 10+ Times NCT Jaehyun’s Rap Skills Had Us All Shook

The NCT vocalist actually first trained as a rapper!

NCT 127 just dropped their track video for “Lemonade” off of their upcoming albumSticker, and NCTzens are already obsessed! Each member had us shook with their visuals and performances, but Jaehyun‘s rap verses in particular stole the show. Here’s a look at 10+ times “Rapper Jaehyun” had us all shook with his skills!

Jaehyun from NCT. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

1. “Hope” – EXO Chen ft. SM Rookies

Though he’s officially a vocalist in NCT, Jaehyun actually auditioned as a rapper! While he was a member of SM Entertainment‘s pre-debut group, SM Rookies, Jaehyun featured on EXO Chen’s song “Hope!”

2. “Firetruck”

Jaehyun rapped in NCT 127’s debut song “Firetruck!” His energetic verse totally matched the vibes of this track. Even from debut, Jaehyun’s all-rounder skills were obvious!

3. “Another World”

Jaehyun begins “Another World,” the fourth track on the group’s debut EP, NCT 127. He got to show off not only his rap skills but his unique baritone vocals!

4. “Run Back 2 U”

Jaehyun also has the first verse in this bonus track off the group’s album Regular-Irregular!

5. “Simon Says”

Jaehyun’s rap verse in “Simon Says” is only a few lines long, but it totally had us all shook! Mark even follows up his lines with an adlib saying, “That was nice!” which is exactly how NCTzens feel.

6. “Wakey Wakey”

Even in Japanese, Jaehyun’s rap skills are no joke! He has the first verse on NCT 127’s “Wakey Wakey” and his laidback but powerful rap style perfectly sets up this explosive track.

7. “Kitchen Beat”

Jaehyun’s low-tone rapping really shined in “Kitchen Beat!” Not only does he ride the beat so well, but he makes the most of his vocal instrument to add his own flair to his verse.

8. “Fool”

Jaehyun proved he can totally hold his own as a rapper in “Fool!” He definitely grabbed our attention with his unique style and expressive delivery.

9. “Sit Down”

“Sit Down” also showcased Jaehyun’s ability as both a vocalist and a rapper! From his smooth vocals to his effortlessly cool rap verse, it’s clear to see why he’s considered an all-rounder.

10. “Punch”

The whisper rapping in “Punch” had fans freaking out when it was first released, and to this day it’s totally iconic! Jaehyun’s control as he goes from whispering to powerfully rapping shows just how skilled he is.

11. “Nonstop”

Jaehyun has the first verse (again!) on “Nonstop” and perfectly sets the stage for this strong yet smooth, energetic track. This song definitely wouldn’t be the same without his rap and vocal lines!

12. “Dancing In The Rain”

Yet again, Jaehyun opens up this song with an iconic rap verse. His flow and light delivery totally match the vibes of this super playful track!

13. “Lemonade”

The most recent installation in the “Rapper Jaehyun” archives, “Lemonade” is one of the tracks on NCT 127’s upcoming album. Jaehyun captivated us all from the very beginning with just a single word! Whether it’s powerful rapping or laidback and cool, Jaehyun’s got it in the bag.

Bonus: “Kick It”

As a bonus, Jaehyun covered Taeyong‘s part during NCT’s Beyond Live concert in December 2020! Jaehyun added his own personal touch to the verse and totally nailed it.

Source: Twitter