10 Times NCT’s Jaemin Proved He’s Got The Best Smile In The World

His smile is so perfect!

NCT‘s Jaemin has a gorgeous smile!

NCT’s Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

Here are 10 times Jaemin proved he’s got the best smile in the world!

1. His whole face lights up when he smiles

Jaemin truly lights up from inside when he’s happy!

2. King of soft smiles

Even when he’s not showing his teeth, Jaemin’s smile is still beautiful!

3. His smile and his stage presence are unmatched

You can practically hear NCTzens screaming when he smiles in this gif!

4. Soft smile featuring an adorable dog

This picture is full of cuteness!

5. The pearliest of pearly whites

He’s got perfect teeth!

6. He’s got smizing down pat

Jaemin’s smile shows that he’s happy, but his eyes really show just how joyful he is in this photo!

7. Maximum happiness: Reached

Look at how happy he looks on stage!

8. His love for his fans shows all over his face

You can see that he really cares about NCTzens!

9. Let’s show his eye smile a little appreciation

Jaemin’s eye smile is so underrated!

10. Instant serotonin

Jaemin’s smile is an instant mood-booster!

Source: Reddit