10+ Times Oh My Girl’s Jiho Proved That Her Visuals With Blonde Hair Was A Cultural Reset

Jiho with blonde hair is a superior concept!

Oh My Girl‘s Jiho is a visual queen, and her visuals with her blonde hair are especially iconic! Here are 10+ times Jiho slayed with blonde hair, and had fans convinced it was her superior hair color era!

1. Jiho with yellow hair and a yellow outfit is enough to light up a room!


2. Her visuals become even more striking with blonde hair!


3. She’s gorgeous!


4. She looks like an actual princess in this dress!


5. She’s beautiful with braids!


6. “Bungee” era Jiho is so iconic!


7. Jiho’s channeling that queen energy in blonde hair and a crown!


8. She’s a whole cutie with this hairstyle!


9. Her visuals are so unreal!


10. She looks even prettier with bangs!


11. She looks like a doll with blonde hair!


12. So pretty!

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