10 Times ONEUS’s Hwanwoong Said “Gaja” And Led Fans To Straight To His Kingdom

TOMOONS are ready to go wherever he takes them.

ONEUS fans have realized, with “LIT” being their most successful comeback yet, that member Hwanwoong is on fire every single performance — and are now claiming that everyone is “living in Hwanwoong’s world“. Yes, it’s true; ONEUS’s Hwanwoong is most definitely charming the viewers with his talent and visual.

And with each “Gaja (let’s go)” he spits out on stage, more K-Pop lovers are mesmerized to follow him straight into the ONEUS fandom! Here are 10 times Hwanwoong absolutely slayed his catchy iconic part.

1. The Original Gaja

2. The Powerful Gaja

3. The White Gaja

4. And The Black Gaja

5. The Sexy Gaja

6. The Sassy Gaja

7. The Aggressive Gaja

8. The Cutie Gaja

9. The Mesmerizing Gaja

10. Finally, A Performance Full of Gajas