ONEUS’s Hwanwoong Is K-Pop’s New Star Rookie On The Rise With His Catchy “LIT” Intro

“This is Hwanwoong’s world and we’re all just living in it.”

Rookie idol ONEUS dropped a brand new bop “LIT”, featuring a splash of Korean traditional-inspired sound…

… and as the group continues to promote the track, K-Pop fans are growing more curious about the members, especially Hwanwoong.

In the beginning of the song, Hwanwoong immediately grabs everyone’s attention with his catchy voice and his unique visual.

And as soon as he says, “Gaja (Let’s go)”…

… K-Pop fans are instantly ready to go on that ONEUS adventure!

Hwanwoong’s vibe in the first five seconds of the music video has proven to be more than enough to have K-Pop fans asking about “the gaja guy”….

… and ultimately, the team’s overall talent is turning 100% of the curious fans into ONEUS stans. The fans, TOMOONs, are thrilled to have more K-Pop lovers become interested in ONEUS’s music!

Ready to be charmed by some rookie magic? Listen to the bop here: