A Fourth-Generation Male Idol Seems Disheartened By His “Smoke” Challenge — Fans Believe That Netizens Are Continuing To Be “Toxic”

The idol was top of his class in SOPA, but still gained criticism!

One of the most loved but also controversial TikTok challenges this year has been Bada‘s “Smoke” challenge.

Since the choreography was created, idols from different groups have taken part, including members from BTS, SEVENTEEN, and many more.


dc: @badalee__ #fyp #dance #smokechallage

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – JK – JK


#Smokechallenge 🔥

♬ Smoke (Prod. Dynamicduo, Padi) – Dynamicduo & Lee Young Ji

Yet, while many idols have been praised, the challenge has also seen those taking part receive backlash and negativity from fans.

One idol who recently took part was ONEUS‘s Hwanwoong.

Since debuting in 2019, Hwanwoong has cemented his status as ONEUS’s main dancer, showcasing his skills in a number of styles and genres.



Considering his skills at dancing, and the fact he graduated from SOPA (School of Performing Arts in Seoul) and was first place for several years, many fans couldn’t wait for Hwanwoong’s version of the “Smoke” challenge.

While many idols shared their own versions on social media, Hwanwoong chose to post his challenge through M2.

Sadly, like many other idols, the comments were filled with very negative and malicious opinions from netizens, many of whom didn’t know anything about Hwanwoong or his dancing skills. Of course, ToMoons were quick to try and flood the comments with positivity and praise for their main dancer.

Following the video, one fan shared their fan call with Hwanwoong, which was full of praise for his “Smoke” challenge.

Yet, netizens noticed that Hwanwoong didn’t seem confident in his skills as he responded, “Oh no, not at all.”

Although Hwanwoong didn’t directly mention the comments, many netizens shared their sadness that the idol didn’t seem confident in the challenge, and many ToMoons (ONEUS fanbase) realized something was off as the group’s main dancer has always accepted compliments of his skills.

Yet, the lack of confidence in Hwanwoong’s voice broke the hearts of netizens.

Even on TikTok, when the video was shared…


Some people in the comments disgust me. How do they think it is normal to direct hatred at someone as if they made a mistake? Imagine waking up and seeing more than a million people laughing at you?.. If I were in his place, I would be depressed #Hwanwoong #oneus #smokechallage

♬ christmas kids – ☆

Netizens couldn’t hide their anger at how dance challenges had turned from fun things for idols to do to something like a competition and war between fandoms, with many using it as an excuse to share rude comments towards idols. One even mentioned how TXT’s Yeonjun also shared how it wasn’t fun anymore and become too serious.

Many netizens find the “Smoke” challenge hypocritical, with fans always emphasizing idols’ mental health but then sending comments. While most idols won’t pay attention to comments, some always will, and it is bound to impact them.

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