Male Idol Addresses The Viral Posts Criticizing His “Smoke” Challenge — Highlighting The Impact Of The “Mocking”

Several posts have gone viral “Calling out” idols’ attempts!

Dancer and choreographer Bada Lee has become a hot topic recently after the release of her “Smoke” choreography.

The “Smoke” choreography shown on “Street Woman Fighter 2” | The CHOOM/YouTube 

The challenge unsurprisingly became viral, with idols such as BTS‘s Jungkook and V, SEVENTEEN‘s DK and Hoshi, and ITZY‘s Yeji and Ryujin taking part.


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♬ Smoke (Prod. Dynamicduo, Padi) – Dynamicduo & Lee Young Ji

From the moment Bada first did the choreography, netizens knew it was tough to capture the vibes. Unfortunately, it led to several viral posts on social media platforms comparing idols’ videos and criticizing many of them.


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♬ Smoke (Prod. Dynamicduo, Padi) – Dynamicduo & Lee Young Ji

One idol who was amongst the thread of idols being “Criticized” was former Produce X 101 trainee and soloist Choi Suhwan.

Choi Suhwan | @Swanta_TV/Twitter

While the original tweet with his video stitched was deleted, the idol addressed the criticism and “mocking” he received with grace and dignity. In one tweet, the idol retweeted the video and joked that the user used just a small part of the dance, but adding that he would try his bets the next time.

Nooo, why would you only use that part of the whole dance?! LOLOLOLOLOL. This is so embarrassing… But that’s OK! I’ll try to do better for my next challenge.

— Choi Suhwan

The idol then shared the full video of his dance, and while he wasn’t over-praising himself, Suhwan shared that the rest was okay. He even joked that the single part they used in the stitch was funny and his respect for choreographer Bada.

The other parts of the dance, I did OK. So I’d be grateful if you went and watched the full video! I admit… On its own, that part does look funny to me, too. LOLOL. So much respect for Bada!

— Choi Suhwan

Of course, it wasn’t surprising that he wanted to clarify because while the stitch might have just been done for fun, for the idols who worked hard on the dance and tough choreography, it would have hurt.

Suhwan addressed that in a tweet that gained a lot of love and attention, adding that a lot of idols worked hard, and although they might be mocked, it shouldn’t look past the effort.

I’m certain that all the other idols worked really hard on the challenge, too! Even when strangers on the internet try to mock us, by uploading videos like such, they will never diminish the hard work and honest effort that we put in. So it’s alright. Thank you for your concern and support!

— Choi Suhwan

When the tweets were shared, netizens immediately praised the idol for being so honest about his feelings.

Many loved how he was not only defending himself but other idols who had come under criticism. Some netizens even hit back at fans who are sharing their apologies for mocking idols and the fact it took an idol addressing the hate to make them realize.

While netizens’ “Mocking” of the challenges might not have been done maliciously, many seemingly forget how much work idols put into learning dances and that they can see the criticism that will hurt.

Source: @swanta_TV
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