10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Was A Gorgeous Stunner In Beautiful Black Outfits

She’s killin’ it!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a literal visual goddess, who can rock anything! Here are 10+ times she wore a black outfit, and showed everybody how she slays!

1. Her visuals are unreal!


2. Black dresses look so good on Irene!


3. Her casual fashion is also so pretty!


4. Queen of serving visuals!


5. Irene in this gown is everything!


6. But her visuals in this gown is breathtaking!


7. Irene’s sexy side is highlighted well in this dress!


8. An actual goddess.


9. She looks so good in this black suit!


10. Her beauty shines in this black dress!


11. Her good looks in this dress were so iconic!


12. Irene serves only visuals, whether she’s in casual or all glammed up!


13. This dress is so pretty on her!


14. Visual queen!


15. She makes this black outfit look so good!

Red Velvet