These 10+ Times Red Velvet’s Irene Wore An Off-Shouldered Outfit Will Convince You It’s Her Best Look Yet

Irene’s a visual queen in these off-shouldered outfits!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is a world-class visual, and she’s lauded for her stunning beauty with every appearance she makes! She boasts a gorgeous face and petite frame that complement each other well, and fans love seeing her pull off different outfits with her visuals! Here are 10+ times Irene wore an off-shoulder outfit, and flaunted her alluring shoulder-line for fans to see and appreciate!

1. Irene can rock anything!


2. Her visuals are ethereal.



3. Off-shouldered outfits look great on her!


4. Irene in this gown is legendary!


5. She’s killin’ it in this outfit!


6. Irene in gowns is a look she needs to bring out more often!


7. This off-shouldered black dress is so pretty on her!


8. Another one for Irene in a black, off-shouldered dress!


9. She has such a pretty shoulder-line!


10. Her airport fashion is top-tier!


11. This airport look was so iconic!


12. Irene’s such a cutie in this outfit!


13. This dress is perfect on her!


14. This off-shouldered top is super chic!


15. Visual queen!


16. Her purple hair needs a comeback!


17. She’s gorgeous!


18. She’s such an elegant visual!

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