10+ Times Red Velvet Joy’s Visuals Were As Fresh As Spring In Flower-Print Outfits

Her visuals are so refreshing!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is well-known for her sunny personality and bright smile to match! Here are 10+ times Joy wore a flower-print outfit and looked spring-ready and fresh as a flower!


1. Her beauty is like a breath of fresh air!


2. Joy looks so nice in green!


3. She has such attractive visuals!


4. Her visuals are so lovely!


5. Red is a color that suits her so well!


6. Her body proportions are perfect.


7. Joy’s charms are in full bloom!


8. She’s adorable in this outfit!


9. She has the brightest smile!


10. Joy in this outfit just hits different.


11. She’s so pretty!


12. Joy was born to be a model!


13. She’s tall and beautiful!


14. Joy has so many different charms to her!


15. Joy’s gorgeous!

Red Velvet