10 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Looked Like An Actual Prince

Mingyu is a real life prince charming!

From his incredibly handsome visuals to his talent, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is literally the full package! No matter what he’s doing or what he’s wearing, Mingyu is always able to stun Carats and can be called a real-life prince charming!

Here are 10+ times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu looked like an actual prince.

1. That is the gaze of a true prince

2. He’ll always fight for you

3. The visuals of a handsome prince

4.  That smile can turn anyone’s bad day around

5. His visuals are out of this world

6. He has the best side profile

7. His soft visuals are everything

8. The face of a gentleman

9. Is there anyone more handsome?

10. Gorgeous at every angle!


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