Here Are 10 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Woozi’s Height Difference Was Too Cute

Their friendship is the cutest!

With 13 members, SEVENTEEN‘s height range is wide! With Mingyu being the tallest member at 6’2″ and their shortest member, Woozi, being at 5’5″, there are several moments where you can’t help but find their height difference cute!

Here are 10 times Mingyu and Woozi’s height difference was too cute!

1. “Oh my!” How cute is this?

The two facing each other at the start of “Oh My!” will forever be the cutest!

2. Mingyu looks like Woozi’s bodyguard

Always there to look out for Woozi is his tall dongsaeng Mingyu!

3. They’re too much!

What would this friendship be if there wasn’t a little bit of teasing going on? During their “Clap” music video filming, Mingyu came up with his own skit where he would stretch his arms above Woozi. In retaliation, Woozi adorably asked, “What, stretches? Do you have to do that in front of me?

4. Woozi is the tallest member?

Yes, there are days where Woozi is the tallest member of SEVENTEEN…with the help of Mingyu of course!

5. They’re great together on any team!

Whether it’s a K-Pop group or a sports team, Woozi and Mingyu make the best team.

6. Woozi is just too cute for Carats’ hearts

The two have a very different heights, yet their heights add to their charm all the same!

7. This is the best picture in existence

Mingyu and Woozi holding hands is just as cute as their height difference!

8. Again, them holding hands makes Carats smile!

Nothing makes Carats happier than seeing the great friendship between the SEVENTEEN members.


9. Why is this so perfect?

Woozi and Mingyu imitating this poster is absolutely perfect!

| pledis_17/Twitter

10. Their hugs are precious

It seems like their height difference makes for the best hugs!